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Visiting your child

You are welcome to visit your child to watch their tennis sessions. The courts are easily accessible and most have a viewing gallery.

However all visits must be arranged with us in advance by phone or email so we can arrange a grounds pass for security.

Keeping in touch

Arrival and departure updates

If you book our travel services, you will get email confirmation of the safe arrival and departure of your child from the airport or station. Upon arrival, we will also email you an action photo from the first day of camp.

Phoning and emailing

All children are allowed to bring mobile phones though they must be left in their rooms during the day. All rooms are WiFi enabled so pupils may also bring laptops so they can email and update you. Internet access is restricted to email only.

If you need to contact your child urgently, please call or email Director Chris ( / +44 (0) 844 8706306) who can then immediately put you in touch with them.

Checking our Facebook page

On the weeks the camps are running, we regularly update our Facebook page with the latest activities so this is another great way of seeing how the students are getting on!

“Ace Tennis Camps is the best. Its something I look forward to every summer. The English lessons are fun and we learn interesting things. We play tennis all day and then in the evening have lots of fun with other activities. The food is excellent as well. ”

Giacomo Commerio - Verona, Italy (2017)
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