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Packing checklist for overnight campers

Here’s what overnight campers will need to bring with them:

• Proper tennis shoes with good tread (but not new unworn ones - please break them in before camp to avoid painful feet!)
• At least 3 pairs of shorts and 4 t-shirts
• Warm-up top
• Appropriate underwear and socks for length of stay
• Nightwear
• Casual clothing for evening activities, including a sweater or light jacket
• Tennis rackets (stringing services available)
• Water bottle
• Hand towel and shower towel
• Tennis hat/sunglasses
• Toiletries
• Any medications (consent to administer these will need to be provided)
• Swimming kit if you want to use pool (optional)
• Passport and travel documents (if campers are travelling from abroad)

What’s already provided at camp:

• Bedding
• Pillows
• Tennis balls
• Sun cream

What do campers need?

Spending money

Students may wish to bring a small amount of money with them for buying gifts and equipment. During registration students can deposit
funds at the camp bank for safe guarding and we have set times to withdraw money each evening. The recommended amount is £50-£150 per week.

Most activities are included so spending money is not essential, so this is optional and at your discretion.

Pro Shop

There will be an Ace Tennis Pro Shop on campus with equipment from one of our sponsors, Head and will be open at selected times during
the day for pupils to visit.

What’s available:
• Racket restringing service with Head string or players own
• Demo rackets of the latest ranges
• Accessories including grips, water bottles, caps, sports drinks
• Head branded clothing


Students staying at camp for two weeks can have laundry sent out at the end of the rst week. We ask students staying one week to pack enough to avoid the need to wash clothes. However if absolutely necessary, items can be washed on behalf of pupils in the Laundry area.

Mobiles and laptops

Students may bring mobiles and/or laptops with them to keep in contact with parents while at camp. However, these items stay in their room during the day, and are only for use in the evening.


Campers arriving from outside the UK can hand passports and travel documents to Ace Tennis staff for safeguarding and they will be stored
in a safe place. Students bring laptops, ipods, mobile phones and other valuable items at their own risk.

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