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Our approach

Whether students aspire to play professionally, earn a sports scholarship or simply want to improve their game at any level, Ace Tennis Camps’ coaching program will help them on their tennis journey.

The coaching program

This is based around four major areas that we encourage and develop:

  1. Technical skills
    Playing the key shots of the game - both attacking and defensive -  in a variety of situations 
  2. Mental strength
    Tennis is an individual sport with challenging match situations that require mental skills such as problem solving, staying positive and  remaining focused.
  3. Tactical knowledge   
    How to select the right approach to each individual situation on court. Recognising various playing styles of the opponents, the court and conditions.
  4. Physical conditioning
    Making sure the physical ability of the player is appropriate to the level at which they play.

The importance of match play

The above points are incorporated into ‘Game based coaching’, meaning everything is linked back to match situations.

Students of all abilities learn so much through match play so there’s a dedicated time for playing matches every day at camp.

This includes tournament conditions and students receive daily feedback on their progress.

Wider skills learnt

Tennis is such good sport for teaching endurance and concentration as well as how to have fun! Here are just some of the wider life skills it teaches:

  • Being a good sport or good sportsmanship
  • Setting goals
  • Preparing well mentally
  • Teamwork

Working with different abilities

All students are informally evaluated upon arrival to get to know their ability. The coaches have many years’ coaching experience to ensure that everybody is learning and being challenged. Students who progress quickly will be given the chance to experience new challenges.

Individual attention and extra tuition

With a coach to student ratio of 1:4, each player will get plenty of attention. However students can have an extra hour each day of one-on-one coaching if you choose our add-on package of Individual tuition for an additional £300.

Quality of our coaching staff

The coaching team is hand selected to provide the best possible tennis camp experience, within the team is specialised coaches to provide the required expertise and attention to each individual's needs.  If you are a beginner or a player competing at a high level the coaching team will have the skills needed to improve your game.

Superb venues

Enjoy the best facilities and locations. Stay overnight or attend as a day camper!

“I attended my first UK tennis camp and it was excellent! The coaches really helped me with my tennis and I made lots of new friends. The campus at Royal Holloway is spectacular and there is much to do. The courts are so close to the main building so everything is close.”

Arianna Di Giammarino - Boston, USA (2017)
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“I have been to the camps for the past three years. They are amazing and have really helped my game. I improved my doubles and learnt how to be in the right position. I really enjoyed spending time with people from all over the world at the BBQ and cinema. ”

Stephen Elliott - Manchester, UK (2016)
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“Ace Tennis Camps is the best. The people, the coaches everything is perfect. I came for two weeks and then stayed for another two weeks! See you next year.”

Ricardo Jacinto - Maputo, Mozambique (2016)
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