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Tennis and life goals 2018

/ Author: Chris Osborne

Happy New Year to everybody involved at Ace Tennis Camps. We cant wait to work with you and for you all in 2018. We thought we could assist you in that positive mindset for 2018 with some inspirational advice, we just don't deliver amazing tennis camps!

Changing your thoughts will change your behaviours

Changing your behaviours will change results

Changing your results will change your life

Credit to these inspiring words goes to Alaistair Mcaw who has really established himself in the understanding of how tennis players think. At our tennis camps in 2018 we will be looking at the off court mental skills of young tennis players more closely than ever before. Each summer we have the opportunity to help shape young people and their journey and understanding motivation, determination as well as other skills such as reliance are valuable in tennis but also life.

On a separate subject we are looking forward to our first tennis camp of the year in Barcelona at Easter. Perfect red clay courts and hardworking players being guided by our dedicated coaching team.  There are a few places remaining and if you would like to secure a place then contact us today at 

Don't forget we are already busy with bookings for summer camps our 9th year!  How time flies.  Have a great start to the year and see you on court soon!

The Ace Tennis Team