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Planning under way for Summer 2019

/ Author: Chris Osborne

It cant be 2 months since Ace Tennis Camps 2018 came to an end.  It was an incredible summer, you could not have imagined a summer in London with only one day of rain!  We enjoyed meeting all our new players and the many returning players from all over the world.  It never fails to amaze me how every summer how Ace Tennis Camps can bring so many people together to enjoy their passion for tennis.

This past summer, our 9th year running summer camps in London was another memorable experience for all involved.  The staff of summer 19 were exceptional and on hand to provide all their expertise and passion for tennis for all players.

Once again this summer we saw over 15 different nationalities in attendance.  This makes our atmosphere very International and the perfect place to discover new cultures.  We will always embrace this aspect of our summer camps.

We have some exciting plans in place for 2019, including celebrating our 10th anniversary!  Ace Tennis Camps feel it is time for a little refresh of our summer offering and we are excited to let you know our plans soon!

Our Queenswood dates are live on our website ( and places are available to reserve now.  

Catch up soon on another blog entry, thanks for reading.