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Keep your game sharp!

/ Author: Chris Osborne

Summer has left the building!

Everyone is back at school and there will be a few empty courts up and down the country. Ace Tennis Camps, although only finished a few weeks ago is now a memory. However you must not let your development suffer through the darker months. Take the skills you developed at Ace Tennis Camps and use them at every opportunity.  Join a local club with floodlights or make sure you and your coach have a winter schedule.  As all over Europe there will be winter tournaments that you can enter.

The best tennis players all have certain world class skills in common these include overcoming adversity, problem solving, adapting and learning.  You can use these skills to improve your game this winter.  We certainly would welcome you back to Ace Tennis Camps in summer 18 to see your development.

We hope all our players will stay in touch with us at Ace Tennis over the next few months.  We would love to hear how your training is going!

Good luck and enjoy the journey!